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FPGA projects που σας αρέσουν


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012
Εδώ θα βάζουμε FPGA [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field-pro ... gate_array ] projects που σας αρέσουν και που έχουν σχέση με games ή retro hardware..

(1) Papilio One/Duo + Arcade MegaWing

Ξεκινώ πρώτος με το Papilio One / Duo που έρχεται σε συνδιασμό με το Arcade MegaWing

Επίσημο Site :
:arrow: http://arcade.gadgetfactory.net/index.p ... n.HomePage

Το Papilio One / Duo αποτελεί ένα FPGA board, που υποστηρίζει αρκετά cores με αυξητική προοπτική

Χαρακτηριστικά :
- Xilinx Spartan 3E XC3S500E FPGA with 500 thousand gates.
- 48 bidirectional I/O lines.
- Two channel USB connection for JTAG and serial communications implemented with FT2232D.
- 32MHz oscillator that can be used by Xilinx's DCM to generate any required clock speed.

Papilio FPGA Arcade Prototype

Papilio One Xilinx Developer Board - Get Started with FPGAs
(από την Jeri Ellsworh)

To Arcade MegaWing είναι το απαραίτητο add-on που συνδέει το Papilio με τον έξω κόσμο...

Τα χαρακτηριστικά του είναι :

- VGA Port - DB15 Female VGA connector capable of generating 4096 colors.
- Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Stereo jack with low pass filter is ready for CD quality Delta-Sigma audio output.
- Joystick Ports - Two DB9 Male joystick ports accept Atari, Commodore, and classic arcade joysticks.
- PS/2 Ports - Two PS/2 ports accept a keyboard and mouse.
- 4 Way Buttons - 4 buttons in a plus configuration for user input.
- 4 LED's - 4 LED's for user feedback.
- Reset Button - A single reset button.

Υποστηρίζονται αρκετοί cores και όπως είπα υπάρχει αυξητική τάση...
:arrow: http://forum.gadgetfactory.net/index.ph ... io-arcade/

Pac-Man Hardware
Crush Roller
Gorkans Help
Lizard Wizard

Frogger Hardware
The End Help

Galaxian Hardware
Mr Do's Nightmare

Space Invaders Hardware
Sea Earth Invasion
Alien Invasion

Misc Hardware
Bomb Jack

ZPUino Processor
Jet Set Willy

Σε δράση ...

Papilio FPGA arcade playing Scramble

Το μόνο που με χαλάει λίγο είναι η τιμή του (87.99 $ και τα δυο boards) γιατί με τα ίδια περίπου λεφτά (...και λιγότερα) αγοράζεις Rasberry Pi 2 (...προσέγγιση διαφορετικής φιλοσοφίας...) και κάνεις πολύ περισσότερα ;)
Ως πρώτη προσπάθεια μου αρέσει, το μέλλον θα δείξει...


Solder Noob
Staff member
Mar 24, 2012
Όντως με αυτά τα λεφτά παίρνεις χαλαρά Rasp 2 και κάνεις πολύ περισσότερα - ο καιρός θα δείξει - ίσως αν πέσει λίγο η τιμή του.


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012

Ένα Κ-Α-Τ-Α-Π-Λ-Η-Κ-Τ-Ι-Κ-Ο project που έχει ξεκινήσει καιρό τώρα.

Τα χαρακτηριστικά του :
- Tiny size of 140x100mm, fits any mini-ITX cabinet.
- ATX back panel available.
- Large Xilinx FPGA (1.6M Gates).
- ARM System controller.
- 64 MB DDR2 DRAM.
- Wolfson HI-FI quality audio DAC.
- SD slot, DVI out, USB, PS/2 and serial connectors.
- High quality video output including DVI and analogue output.
- Video output buffered by line driver with programmable filter. Option for SVHS/Composite video out using dedicated coder.
- 3 channel programmable clock generator – can generate exact base clocks for PAL/NTSC Amiga for example.
- Expansion slot for JAMMA expansion board, MC68060+Ethernet board, etc.
- Six layer PCB for good signal integrity and stability.

Επίσημο SITE:
:arrow: http://www.fpgaarcade.com/

Υποστηρίζει πολλούς πυρήνες (cores) τόσο Arcades, όσο και Computers.
Αναλυτικά έχουμε :
Cosmic Avenger
Scramble / Frogger
Space Invaders

:arrow: http://www.fpgaarcade.com/games/

Apple II+
Atari 800XL
Commodore VIC-20
Commodore 64

Adventure Vision
Atari 2600
Coleco Vision
Bally Astrocade
Videopac / Odyssey

:arrow: http://www.fpgaarcade.com/platforms/

Πιστεύω ότι το παρόν, αποτελεί ένα dev board που όποιος το πάρει ΘΑ ΤΟ ΑΓΑΠΗΣΕΙ !
Δείτε στο Blog του Μάριου (mfilos) την πρόοδο του ως τώρα....
:arrow: http://www.mfilos.com/

@ dR_wHO
Το γράφω γιατί στο πρώτο post...παρασύρθηκα κι εγώ, αφού συνέκρινα 2 ανόμοια πράγματα :mrgreen:

:!: Μια σημαντική υπενθύμιση :!:
Στο παρόν θέμα ασχολούμαστε με συστήματα FPGA, ΟΧΙ με (software) εξομοίωση συστημάτων υπό κάποιο επεξεργαστή και λειτουργικό σύστημα. Τα συστήματα αυτά δεν έχουν καμια σχέση με τις Κινεζιές και τις arcade πλακέτες που κυκλοφορούν στην αγορά του τύπου HappyFish, 100 in 1, Transformer κτλ κτλ...Δείτε το κάπως ως hardware recreation ;)

Από http://www.fpgaarcade.com/

This is about recreating gaming and computing hardware from the past in modern programmable devices, known as FPGAs. An FPGA contains a very large array of logic which can be configured by the user to perform just about any imaginable logic function.
They save all the hassle of making your own custom IC, and are a lot less time consuming than wiring up 100,000s of standard logic parts. In modern devices we can fit complete systems, including processors, and they are cheap enough to allow mass production.

It’s not emulation, it’s recreation…. and it’s open source.
No Emulation No Compromise

Άτιμα / Άθλια capital controls και παλιοπολιτικοί.......


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012
(3) Turbo CHAMELEON 64

Καλά εντάξει ! ...ποιος δεν γνωρίζει το Turbo Chameleon ??? Εϊναι το (άπιαστο) όνειρο μου εδώ και πολύ καιρό αλλά η ελπίδα παραμένει ζωντανή :D
Μπορεί να δουλέψει και αυτόνομα (χωρίς να το προσαρμόσετε στην expansion port του C64). Θα χρειαστείτε και το docking station.

Χαρακτηριστικά :

Chameleon is an extremely user-friendly multipurpose cartridge that can be used without opening the computer. It is just plugged to the expansion port of the C64. It can also be operated as a stand-alone unit (since it's basically an FPGA computer like the C-One in a C64 cartridge case), replacing the computer, the floppy drive and the heavy power supply. A docking station providing 4 joystick ports and connectors for an Amiga or C-64 keyboard is available.

- VGA-output with 60 Hz refresh rate or more.
- Turbo function with full 6510 processor compatibility (incl. illegal opcodes). For the first time, a C64 accelerator that does not use a 16-bit processor, but an accelerated 6510. (see Benchmarks)
- REU (memory expansion) with up to 16 MB RAM.
- GEORAM (memory expansion) with up to 4 MB RAM.
- MMC/SD card slot with MMC64 compatibility and optional MMC64 ROM emulation.
- Full 1541-emulation (2 Drives)
supports D64 and G64 files
- SID emulation with filters (Two SIDs are emulated with selectable filter characteristics and base address of 2nd SID).
- Connector for a PS/2 mouse (emulation of 1351 and Micromys).
- Connector for a PS/2 keyboard (Joystick emulation available on numeric keypad).
- Freezer (compatible with Retro Replay). ROMs can be stored in onboard flash or read from MMC card (as .crt or binary files).
- Emulation of the following utility and game cartridges is available: 8 or 16 KByte (EP)ROM cartridges, Simons' Basic, Ocean type 1, FunPlay, Super Games, Epyx Fastload, Westermann Learning, C64 Game System (system 3), Warpspeed, Dinamic, Zaxxon, Magic Desk, Comal-80, Ross, Mikro Assembler, StarDos, EasyFlash, Prophet-64, Mach-5, PageFox, Business Basic (S'More).
- Emulation of the following freezer cartridges is available: Action Replay, Retro Replay, Final Cartridge 3, Expert Cartridge, KCS Power Cartridge, SuperSnapshot 5, Capture.
- Battery-backed real time clock (RTC)
- IR receiver for CDTV remote control.
- Connector for RR-Net (MK2 needs a patch to work in standalone mode).
- USB link to a PC for debugging and data transfer.

:arrow: http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/Chameleon
Κατεβάστε το manual εδώ :
:arrow: http://beta.icomp.de/bin/Chameleon_usermanual.pdf

Motherboard :

Οι πυρήνες που υποστηρίζει είναι :

Home Computers
8 bit
Atarixlfpga (source) is an Atari800XL core, ported by Mark Watson
Chameleon 2600 is a Atari 2600 VCS core created by Peter Wendrich
TCA2601 is another Atari 2600 VCS core ported by Frank Buss.
Chameleon VIC20 is a Commodore VIC20 core created by Peter Wendrich using software by Individual Computers.
ZX-One is a Sinclair Spectrum FPGA core which has been ported to the Chameleon hardware by Alessandro Dorigatti.
OneChipMSX is a MSX core ported by Alastair M. Robinson.

FPGAPCE is a PCEngine core ported by Alastair M. Robinson

16 bit
MiniMig is an Amiga FPGA core which also has been ported to the Chameleon hardware.

Alastair M. Robinson ported the PACE cores Pacman, Pengo and Moon Patrol.

Chameleon Pong is a simple FPGA starter project which has been created by Alastair M.Robinson.
Conway's Game of Life by Peter Wendrich.
Hardware test core by Peter Wendrich.

Μπορείτε να το προμηθευτείτε από τον κατασκευαστή του εδώ :
:arrow: https://icomp.de/shop-icomp/en/shop/product/Turbo_Chameleon_64.html

Τιμή : 249,90 €

Turbo Chameleon 64 (A quick tour)

Turbo Chameleon 64 (C64 SD Card Solution)



Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012
(4) 1541 Ultimate II

Official site :
:arrow: http://www.1541ultimate.net/content/index.php

Ένα project που ξεκίνησε "για πλάκα" ο Ολλανδός Gideon, κατέληξε να πουλάει σαν "ζεστά ψωμάκια" ! Πέρυσι έγινα ευτυχής κάτοχος μιας τέτοιας μαγικής συσκευής και το ενδιαφέρον που είχα για τα Commodore(s) ΑΠΟΓΕΙΩΘΗΚΕ κυριολεκτικά !
Η συσκευή έρχεται σε μορφή cartridge και συνδέεται (που αλλού ?!) στην expansion port του Commodore 64. Υπάρχουν σοβαρές σκέψεις σε μια μελλοντική αναβάθμιση firmware, να μπορεί να δρα και αυτόνομα μέσω κάποιου docking port/station, όπως ακριβώς και η πρώτη έκδοση (Ι).

Χαρακτηριστικά :

- Board size: 62 x 84 mm
- Sturdy plastic case, enforced with glass fiber
- 700k-gate FPGA
- Full size 6-pin DIN connector (IEC)
- 2 MB Flash ROM
- MicroSD card compatible slot
- USB host port (supports Mass storage class only)
- Stereo audio output
- 6-pin expansion pin-header for connection to tape port (for C2N emulation), or other future features.

Motherboard :

Τι ακριβώς κάνει ;

1541 Ultimate-II Features:

Full, cycle accurate emulation of two real Commodore 1541 diskdrives.
Uses .D64 and .G64 files stored on MicroSD card or USB stick
Supports .G64 files as well (Read/Write)
Configurable IDs
Configurable ROM (1541/1541C/1541II or custom)
RAMBOard memory expansion (up to 40K)
MicroSD or USB storage device (stick, card reader, and even HD)
FAT/FAT32 support, with sub-directories and long filenames
ISO9660 support with Joliet, for reading .ISO files and access external CD/DVD drives through USB
Supports SD V1.1 cards as well as SD V2.0 in High Capacity mode (SDHC)
Battery backed up Real Time Clock
Command Interface module with UltimateDOS
Accessible module through I/O space that allows direct commands to Ultimate-II
Ultimate-DOS, I/O space driven direct file access to SD/USB
Dual SID implementation, optionally 8 voices each
Ultimate Audio module
Up to 7 voices of sampled audio simultaneously
Accessible through I/O space
8- or 16-bit samples up to 48 kHz sample rate
Built-in SID player; plays SID files on either 'real' SID or emulated SID.
C64 cartridge emulation:
Final Cartridge III
Action Replay
Retro Replay
Super Snapshot
Turbo Assembler w/ Codenet
Epyx Fastloader
Custom 8K/16K carts
Custom Ocean / System3 carts (up to 512K)
Commodore 1750/1764 REU
REU Compatible
Size selectable from 128K up to 16 MB
Can be combined with Retro Replay and SuperSnapshot compatible roms
Flexible freezer menu
select, mount, create D64 images, browse disk images
create new directories, delete files
Ultra fast DMA load of single file programs (.PRG files on SD/USB, inside .D64 or .T64)
Configuration screen, with resident settings
Tape emulation, through 6-pin header on the bottom of the board*
Load .TAP files to C64
Capture tape data from C64 to .TAP file
Capture tape data from a datasette and store it as .TAP file
Write .TAP files back to tape, using a Commodore tape deck
Totally rewritten firmware, for easier expansion and maintenance

* Tape emulator cable is an accessory, which is needed to work with tap files.

Την προμηθεύεστε κατόπιν παραγγελίας από τον ίδιο τον κατασκευαστή της, εδώ :
:arrow: http://www.1541ultimate.net/content/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=134

Τιμή : 129.95 €

Η αγορά της ΑΞΙΖΕΙ κάθε cent ! :thumbup:


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012
1Chip MSX

Πυρήνας MSX2 σε FPGA.

By Grauw at Dutch Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1926972

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

Altera Cyclone EP1C12Q240C8N FPGA chip
SD/MMC card slot
2 MSX Cartridge slots
2 audio outputs (for future stereo support)
S-Video video output
Composite video output
VGA video output
PS/2 keyboard connector
2 USB connector
2 MSX Joystick ports
FPGA I/O pin (40 pins and 10 pins)

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες: