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Reset Magazine Issue #09


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012

Κυκλοφόρησε μαζί με συνοδευτική δισκέτα ... ;)

By Uncle K [ http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 956#739956 ] @ lemon

Reset #09 is our issue dedicated to one of the greatest ever C64 software houses, Hewson Consultants

In this issue, we preview Hewson’s new game project and have a chat to its creator, Jonathan Port.
Paul Morrison chats to Andrew and Rob Hewson about Andrew’s new book, Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers and the Reset team discuss their favourite Hewson titles in Blast From The Past.
Rob Caporetto tests Paradroid Redux, a C64 update of Andrew Braybrook’s Zzap!64 Gold Medal winning game, and we also review Barnsley Badger, Hessian and Tiger Claw.
Vinny Mainolfi returns to our pages with his Cheat & Beat column and we round-up the 2015 16kb RGCD Cartridge Competition entries.
Of course, all of our regular columns return including Format Wars, Games That Weren’t and a brand new Blow the Cartridge comic from Gazunta. Finally, our Mix-i-Disk contains an exclusive Redux version of a classic Alf Yngve shooter, not to mention the new Reset intro by Dr J.
We hope you enjoy this massive issue!