The Untold Story of A Vic20


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Τα νέα μου έρχονται από 40 μεριές...αυτό γουστάρω εξάλλου... ;)

Από τον φίλο μου Cris Ekstrad (aka Xiny6581), έρχεται το παρακάτω video documentary :
"The Untold Story of A Vic20 "

This is a documentary about a VIC-20 with a rich story and solid connection to my life. When unknown fragments morphed into a compounded picture, where questionmarks melts to something complete! That's when you know there is something more than just dust.
The chapters will explain the different stages from random to solid.

This is perhaps the biggest projects I have ever made and it took me about two weeks to get done with!

***Please support my patreon*** By doing this I can make more videos like this.

(C)2016 Cris "Xiny6581" Ekstrand
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