A SID Adventure – Introducing C0zm0 / Bliss

“c0zmo / BliSS is a newcomer musician to the C64 Demo Scene and a talented SID composer. His origins go back to the Amiga Scene. Today we are very happy to have him with us, here on iamretro! Let’s meet him !” – Hi Markus! We are all so glad having you here @ iamretro.gr! Could […]

A SID Adventure – Introducing Sacha Zeidler

– Hi Sascha ! I feel so glad that you accepted my call for an interview! We all welcome you here @ iamretro.gr ! – Thank you! The pleasure is all mine. – I know that I may sound a bit of boring but let’s start with a short bio of yours, shall we? (Name […]

A SID Adventure – Introducing Jason Page

– Hi Jason! The whole staff and friends of ” iamretro.gr “, are very glad to have you here! Welcome on board! – Thanks for having me! – Let’s start from the very basics. Could you give us a short bio of yours? (Usual stuff like : name, studies, current occupation, hobbies). Feel free to […]

A SID Adventure – Introducing JAMMER / Artstate

– Hi Kamil ! Welcome to ‘iamretro.gr’ ! Very glad to have you here ! – Hello ! My pleasure. – Let’s start with the usual stuff ! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers ? (Your name, current job/occupation and everything else you want to share)… – I’ll try to be rather brief […]