A SID Adventure – Introducing Sebastian Hirch / Naviára

“Sebastian Hirsch is a prolific musician and music producer from Germany. The Amiga and the Commodore (SID) are always in his music arsenal, so we thought it was time to get to know him better! Here we go!” – Hi there Sebastian and welcome to iamretro.gr! Can you please introduce yourself and your group ‘Naviára’ […]

A SID Adventure – Introducing C0zm0 / Bliss

“c0zmo / BliSS is a newcomer musician to the C64 Demo Scene and a talented SID composer. His origins go back to the Amiga Scene. Today we are very happy to have him with us, here on iamretro! Let’s meet him !” – Hi Markus! We are all so glad having you here @ iamretro.gr! Could […]

A SID Adventure – Introducing Sacha Zeidler

– Hi Sascha ! I feel so glad that you accepted my call for an interview! We all welcome you here @ iamretro.gr ! – Thank you! The pleasure is all mine. – I know that I may sound a bit of boring but let’s start with a short bio of yours, shall we? (Name […]

A SID Adventure – Introducing Jason Page

– Hi Jason! The whole staff and friends of ” iamretro.gr “, are very glad to have you here! Welcome on board! – Thanks for having me! – Let’s start from the very basics. Could you give us a short bio of yours? (Usual stuff like : name, studies, current occupation, hobbies). Feel free to […]